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Your Clean Yacht, Fresh As Can Be. Or Is It Really?

Has it been getting hard to live on your boat lately? Does the odor seem to be permeating, and the air seems to be getting thick? Maybe what you need is a little time alone with your boat and to give it a clean fresh smell that will last through summer. Hey if you reside waterside or even if you just come by on weekends, having your boat in the water has some side effects. You can bring on fragrant smells and bobbles that give off wafts of perfume, but nothing works better than to really get down and dirty with those pesky odor causing germs.

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Plug-ins and air fresheners do help for a small time, but what is really needed is something that will end up destroying the molecular structure of odor. Now, Lysol has always been a favorite to kill germs, and IMAR Yacht Fresh is a real winner too, but when it gets out of hand, you need to call a professional especially if the germs have gone too far and the area has become unwieldy, manifesting itself in dark green and various shades of black gook covering the surroundings! If you find yourself in that type of mess or disaster, don’t feel alone, because many people have returned to a shelter to find it uninhabitable. You have to work through it, and sometimes that means a lot of work.

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If you ever walk by an area of your boat and something catches your eye as being sort of out of place, take a closer look. Chances are the sooner you tackle your boat repairs the easier and less expensive it will be than if you wait. Also do yourself and your nose a favor and make time to dig into your boat and thoroughly and methodically go through the different compartments and make sure you have good vinyl around the openings and windows, that they are in good order and have pliability and make sure you can leave a thumbnail print in it or else you might like to start looking for replacements. Having vinyl and rubber protecting and making a good seal is one sure way to keep your boat clean and dry. Opening the hatches and keeping them open during daylight hours can really help to keep your boat fresh, sunlight has great properties when it comes to getting rid of germs and drying things out. The cleaner you keep your boat, inside and out, the longer you will enjoy the benefits of owning a boat that lasts and is a joy to have in your collection.

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