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Polishes and Boat Covers Offer long lasting Protection

It is amazing what these chemical engineers can come up with. Environmentally friendlier polymers that can save marine life and not destroy it are now prevalent on the market. Making products green and saving our resources for a brighter tomorrow is something that is near and dear to us and we are proud to be working with suppliers that are aligned with those goals in mind.

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There you are enjoying all of the wonderful moments, laughing and splashing getting soaked and really playing with everything, and the next minute, your wondering where the time went. It’s dark, and you’re at home and you have just finished wiping down your boat putting away the custom covers ready to put it away till next weekend when you happen to notice a scuff, and it is in an area that never gets one. You give it your best elbow grease and try to wipe it off with your spit and shine routine, but it doesn’t work.

You go into the garage and get out the Windex and spray it on just a touch to get the microfiber towel semi-moist. Then the next thing you know you have the magnifying glasses on and your 1000 watt halogens are beaming down right on top of the spot and it looks like it is ten layers under the gel coat.

That’s when its time to panic, nah all you really need is some professional cleaner. Make sure the cleaner is green for the environment and go to work. If you are letting your boats beautiful shine go dull because you just don’t have the time, or you really don’t know where to turn to get the best information and help, you will be happy to know there are many professional boat and yacht cleaning pros that will accommodate you and work within your budget.

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To maintain your boat properly, create a spreadsheet that contains a to-do list or mark down notes on the calendar for you to stay on top of your boats needs so you can have complete confidence in your motor and craft when you are in the water. This list should be a compilation of what you need to bring on your boat, what to store on your boat, emergency phone numbers and the knowledge you gain from reading. Like keeping your car clean, you should develop a routine with your boat, so you make time to polish and shine, applying the vinyl protectant. Using boat covers where appropriate, and spraying the place so it smells nice.

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