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Boat Covers, Yacht Soap Concentrate and More Boat Care Products for Your Clean Boat

So you got your boat and you are tooling around and you find yourself wiping off your boat more and more because dirt and grime is starting to adhere itself to your clean boat. When you start to experience this type of phenomena on your personal water craft, maybe it is time to really wax up your boat and take some special time to clean it off and really rub in some new protection. If you are using waxes that are made for cars and RV’s you might want to reconsider, because some of these might not be safe waxes for marine contact.
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Whether your boat is tied up at the boat docks or you leave it next to the Jet Ski rental, it needs your help if you want to keep it looking good. Every once in a while you need to get out the boat care products and really go to work. Dirt and grime build up over time and tend to demolish the polymers you have patiently put on in the past to protect your gel coat. If you are going to keep your boat looking its best, you are better off if you keep to a regular schedule and maintain that schedule. Neglect shows up quickly when your boat stays on the water, just by interacting with the water and what is in the water, your boat is under attack by the elements in the water. Wash your boat with yacht soap or other green soap product that will not pollute the environment when you hose it off every couple of weeks. Use polymer wax made especially for the marine environment once every couple of months while using your boat and once every 6 months when not using your boat.

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Your next largest source of deterioration is from the sun and this is something we can not run away from. You can protect your boat with a boat cover which will really improve the longevity of the top portion of your boat. Boat covers need to be looked at as a disposable item though, and as something that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. You will be able to get from two to three years usage from some of the lower end polyester type and to up to seven and eight years from the really expensive canvas covers and at that point you might consider a custom boat covers maker to make one just for your boat.

Whatever type of marine cover you choose, if you have the money to shell out for the better covers, buy them, because over the course of time they last longer and will end up costing you less because of how many times you will buy the less expensive ones versus the more expensive one.

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