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Preparing to Own a Fishing Boat?

Today we are going to talk about being prepared to own a fishing boat. To really be prepared to own a fishing boat, some material space as well as some mental, emotional and time space is going to be required. To begin with, you will have to know what type of fishing you are going to be enjoying most and whether you want power or more power in your boat. You have to imagine how good you’ll feel when you get that boat home and where the boat is going to be parked. You will have to think in terms of what seasons the boat will be subjected to and whether or not you will be willing to leave it out in the open to be battered by the elements or boat covers and a blanket garaged nice and snug in the corner near the furnace.

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Mentally you might have to be prepared to go back to school in a series of lessons on how to operate your boat, including boat safety classes and operating instructions, licensing and boat insurance. Depending on the size of your fishing boat, you might have to learn how to safely back up your boat. I get to see first hand, down at the bay, some folks who would rather jackknife then ask for instructions. You will find many classes being taught on how to operate your boat at local colleges and you should ask your dealer, when purchasing your boat if they offer instructional videos or classroom instruction on the boat you are preparing to venture into.

Emotionally you might have to prepare to miss out on weekends because of engine trouble, trailer flats and many other unforeseen mishaps like losing the cooler or forgetting the keys. Of course this may not be relevant to you, but some of that type of emotional stress might come along after you have had many pleasurable months enjoying the water with friends and family in your clean boat. I mention clean here because this is something that is very important to the health and longevity of your relationship you are starting with your boat. Did I say relationship? Yes, I said it, and you will have to get used to the idea that you will be in a relationship.

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You will be wiping, polishing and buffing, spending weekends going over every part and piece to make sure it is in sound condition because your safety and that of your family and friends will depend on it. Buying gifts like custom covers and boom boxes are all part of the needs of the boat, and you will thank your boat over and over again because its good to need, isn’t it?

So, take into consideration these three aspects before venturing into owning your very own boat, you will be glad you did because emotion can run wild when in the clutches of the boat salesman.

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