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Mega yachts, the luxury yachts for sale.

I was checking out luxury yachts for sale this morning on a few websites. I was looking for something to occupy my time and I found these incredible mega yachts.  It is amazing to me how many luxury yachts there are for sale. I was reading that there is an excess inventory for these super yachts, and you can pick up a 170+ footer for a cool 8 million 9.5 million dollars. The usual asking price for these yachts is 11 million to 14 million saving you a whopping 4 million plus in this hard economic time.

Everything from super yachts to this multiple hulled awesome looking sailing yacht was featured. If you want to see a picture of one, you can type in luxury yachts for sale in your browser and be as amazed as I was. The economy is hitting everyone the same.

Even though the economy is the way it is, and people are having a hard time, losing their fortunes to unscrupulous men who steel away their money, there are still many people able to afford these mega yachts.

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Looking at the liquidators, you can get a 48 foot yacht for a mere 332 thousand dollars, and a 115 foot casino yacht for just under 400 thousand dollars but, it is almost 20 years old.

Now, I was looking how much they wanted for a yacht rental for the same sized yacht and they are from around 15,000 to 37,000 a day, renting for a week at a time, and not including expenses. I would love to sail on one of these especially a 170+ foot luxury yacht. I know some time in the future this will be for me, but for right now I have to be satisfied with looking at pictures of these beautiful pieces that float on the water.

Maybe some Caribbean yacht charters will be available in my near future.

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